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See below for our forthcoming programme of talks

~ 2024 ~


January 16th - Alan Powell - The Magnificent Seven

February 20th - Brian Miller - A Secret Life

March 19th – Stephen Coleman – The Festival of Britain {in Bedfordshire}

April 16th - Social evening with Gill and Barry Goodman


~ Summer 2024 Programme ~


Boughton House, near Kettering – Tuesday July 16th, all day

Boughton House & Gardens are located at the heart of England near Kettering, Northamptonshire.  This remarkable house, the English home of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, is a blend of the intimate and grand drawing its inspiration from the Palace of Versailles.  Its village-like Tudor courtyards contrast with its palatial 18th century additions, earning it the title ‘The English Versailles’ which inspired filmmakers at Universal to use Boughton in the latest film adaptation of Les Misérables.

Experience the stunning art collection, history and heritage at the heart of Boughton, exploring various stunning rooms filled with beautiful artworks incorporating almost every aspect of the decorative arts.  Highlights of the collection include Van Dycks, El Greco, Sèvres Porcelain and Boulle furniture.


We have booked the Kings Tour which covers 20 rooms, and takes approximately 1.5 hours.  The ground floor encompasses many of the major rooms such as the Great Hall and is perfect for those with a general interest in the rich history and art of Boughton.  Then we ascend the grand entrance staircase to include the High Pavilion and State Apartments created for the visit of William III.

We will leave Willington about 10am in the morning, and then visit Burton Latimer, where we will have a chance to look around the old town, before having lunch in the Olde Victoria pub.  After lunch, we’ll do the short drive to Boughton House for the afternoon, leaving about 5pm to return to Willington.

£35 per person

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September 17th 2024 – ‘An Interview with Gordon Vowles’ – Rob Bollington

October 15th 2024 – AGM

November 19th 2024 –The History of the Crown Public House’ – Rob Bollington & Vince Hislop

December 17th 2024 – ‘Christmas Around the World’ – Daniel Silson


~ 2025 ~


January 21st 2025 –The Beginnings of Bedford’ – Sue Harland

February 18th 2025 –The Life of a Rural Chemist’ - Brian Bullock

March 18th 2025 - ‘Tales from Bedfordshire Churches Part 2’ - David Longman

April 15th 2025 – Social Evening



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